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    Welcome to the Kristi Carmichael Body Mechanic ONLINE Experience.  Benefit from the Body Mechanic experience at class, at personal sessions, thru home study and now ONLINE. 

    Kristi’s technique will help activate any-body’s natural healing intelligence.  Kristi’s unique combination of massage coupled with Yamuna Body Rolling will help you become body aware.  

    Call, email, attend group or private class and get your personal Body Mechanic experience rolling.  

    Please enjoy the ONLINE experience...


Kristi Carmichael has helped More then 10,000 bodies heal

    Therapy & self care help you discover & utilize your strongest, most comfortable body. “I help you activate your body’s natural healing intelligence.”  - Kristi Carmichael Body Mechanic

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Class Rolling Thru @...

.   The Westside YMCA

.   The Body Mechanic Studio

.   The Marquette

(561) 571-1067

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